The Reverend is Here!

For all of our anticipating fans, Metaleptic fit would like to keep you up to date on what we have planned in the months to come!

New products, fan interactions, and more!

New outreach update: Metaleptic Fit is now causing some major waves on Reverbnation. Within two weeks of adding this platform to the ever-growing out-reach that our  band has been involved in, their intense music singles have catapulted it to the top 10 in the Reverbnation Chicago metal charts. It seems that the style tone of this thrash metal band is really waking people up to the new sounds our band is bringing to the industry! You can follow the links on their other social media sites to become a fan on Reverbnation and keep their ascent going!

New facility update:  As of March 21st, the new studio is up and running on schedule.  Drum tracks have been recorded and new vocals are being added this week into the next. The guitar sections are still being recorded at the old studio with the available space there, enabling our band to step up its production. Fans can look forward to new and archived video sessions soon!

New social media update: The Reverend himself is now running a Facebook page and accepting new friend requests. He is writing some new music and sharing his inspirations behind them with his fans. On the page, you will even have the chance to be able to give your input on the types of songs you’d like to hear in our band’s style of covering the social issues of today. In addition, you can vote in their poll for the next big song to be released, possibly through a multiple choice question proving your knowledge of our band’s style. Your vote could be the very next new song you hear by Metaleptic Fit!

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What people are saying about Reverend Metaleptic

I would love it if they talk about more socail problems, the song to other people may seem apalling but its something thats in this world and will not stop. Metal is misunderstood for having no message but if you listen to the song most of the time they have a message. yes its dark but its something nobody talks about and should

Awesome song can’t wait to hear more definitely subscribed to you.

We need more music like this