Taking Names and Laying tracks

Metaleptic Fit has been busy! This month they have been working in the studio and preparing more exciting tracks for upcoming releases. Here’s what else the band has been up to this past month for all of you fans out there:

4/10/2017 – Artistpr featured a spotlight on the band and the importance of their unique take on the thrash metal industry. You can read the feature at http://www.artistpr.com/press-release/metaleptic-fit/

4/13/2017 – Hard Rock Hell Radio featured Metaleptic Fit in a live session. You can hear that session at http://hardrockhellradio.com/live/.  Stay tuned to the newsletters to take advantage of the opportunity to hear the bands new releases in the upcoming months. Support Hard Rock Hell Radio!

4/14/2017 – One Stop Stardom added the lyric video of “She’s Calling Me” and also released the band’s blog. Be sure to check that out at www.onestopstardom.com

4/16/2017 – Reverbnation announced that Metaleptic Fit has over 10,000 fans. Thanks to all of you thrash metal enthusiasts out there! We all know what that means. Support the band even more and spread the love by buying and showing off some merchandise.

4/17/2017 – Still getting the word about the band out there, Industry Reviewz featured the lyric video for “Prey on Thee” along with a bio about The Reverend and his journey into the industry. You can check that out on http://www.industryreviewz.com/2017/04/14/metaleptic-fit-prey-on-thee-official-lyric-video/

4/27/2017 – Reverbnation charts released chart listings with Metaleptic Fit landing at #2 in Chicago, #21 regionally, #37 nationally, and #51 globally.

Coming up:

The past month the band has been laying down the guitar and bass tracks. In May, drum and vocal tracks will be recorded at the new facility.   In late May, they will begin mixing down two completed songs in the Petaluma, CA mixdown studio, which was opened in early 2016.  All Metaleptic Fit song mixing will be done at this Petaluma studio going forward.

Also, the Metaleptic Fit video blog ‘Copius Discernment’ release has been rescheduled to begin in May. The video blog will feature The Reverend and will cover the band’s music and influences, social issues at hand, relevant news items, his metal influenced spiritualism and more. Stay tuned to the newsletter for updates about the vlog release date.

Metaleptic Fit’s lyric videos have been well received.  To make them even better in the upcoming videos Metaleptic Fit will be incorporating performance video clips into the animated lyric videos.  The storyboards are being drawn and shooting is scheduled for June-July. Dates for the posting of the videos will be announced in the months to come.

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