New Album Release Scheduled for First of Year

The last session was vocals. On these recordings the Reverend is going further with layering vocals, the debut release had only one vocal track recorded.

The drum tracks are taking  the most time.  The Reverend is meticulous analyzing each and every note.  The core of the sound is the double kick drums and the 14″ marching band snare drum.

To get the heavy low sound the Gibson SG guitar uses a Semour Duncan Dimebag Darrell pick up and used for melody & lead is drop tuned to D.  The seven string DeArmond Seven Star guitar used for the motion drive is drop tuned to A.  Both played through Marshall JCM 900’s with single 4×12 Marshall cabinets.  An ISP Decimator gate is used to keep it clean.
Minimal pedals are used.  Pedals used: Digitec Jam Man looper, MXR DD-11 Dimebag Darrel distortion, Cry Baby Wah.

The Schecter Stiletto 4 string bass is used to bring the heavy low end.  Played through Tech 21 Sans Amp and occasionally a MXR Auto Wah. A midi guitar controls the higher end synthesizer tracks adding guitar dynamics to the sound.  Overall the recordings are not heavily layered keeping it within the power trio realm, so it can be played live, keeping it real.

So far 4 songs have been laid  down with four more to go.  We are excited about the way this project is turning out. The final sessions are scheduled for November.  The album is expected to be released in December/January digitally and CD.  There is a possibility that the album will be available on vinyl a month or two after the digital release.