Metaleptic Fits New Studio in the Works

The band has devised plans to move into their newly acquired studio here in Chicago. They had previously recorded in a small underground space, still making fresh hits, but with little room to expand. They will soon be able to not only record more industrial, thrash metal songs for the rest of their upcoming album, but add new elements to their social media scope. The new space will give them rehearsal space, a video studio, and an area to record new webcasts to share with the fans. The studio is expected to be up and running by Spring, 2017 and the band will be releasing their podcast, Copius Discernments, hosted by the Reverend. He will cover music, social issues at hand, relevant news items, his metal influenced spiritualism and more. The event dates and times will be posted to the band’s various social media outlets.


New merchandise is also coming your way! The band’s new unique clothing line is called Metaleptic Fits. The line features women’s and unisex apparel, with new designs coming out monthly. The store will be open to those that sign up for the newsletter. It will be open to the rest of the general public only on occasion. The times that the store will be open will be posted to the band’s followers on social media sites. The store opens officially, March 1st, 2017.


Fans can currently listen to the already popular tracks, She’s Calling Me and Prey on Thee, on social media, but the band will be giving out free downloads that their fans can take anywhere once they sign up for the newsletter! In addition, every 66th person who signs up for this newsletter will receive Metaleptic Fit merchandise including apparel from the Metaleptic Fits line (available in the continental USA only, details will be available online on the band’s website).

The cd is available on Amazon, iTunes, and CdBaby. Listen live on Pandora and Youtube.

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Check out the lyric video for She’s Calling Me at:


The band will be discussing, in detail, the second song on the album Prey on Thee in the next article.