Metaleptic Fit Announces the Premiere of Their First Release Album

Thrash Metal Band Reveals Brand-New Compilation
February, 2017, Illinois, CH – On January 24, 2016 Metaleptic Fit unveiled their two-song debut cd featuring the tracks She’s Calling Me and Prey on Thee .

The story of She’s Calling Me is of a heroin user that overdoses and ends up in the hospital. The character’s almost fatal struggle is a call to attention about the long standing social issue of heroin abuse. This entry sets the tone for the album with its strong drum beats, deep vocals, and electrifying guitar riff over tones. True to the bands vision, the song focuses on social issues through their intended medium of thrash metal with rapid percussion and guttural reverberations laced over intense guitar progressions.
*Note: This art does not condone drug abuse in anyway.

The three-piece band, fronted by the Reverend, is in the studio this month recording more songs of lament for their album release later this spring. Expectations to include fan involvement as well as merchandise giveaways are planned in the upcoming months.

The cd is available on Amazon, iTunes, and CdBaby. Listen live on Pandora, Jango or Spotiy

Check out the lyric video for She’s Calling Me

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About Metaleptic Fit
Metaleptic Fit is an industrial/thrash metal band based in the Chicago area, formed in 2013 and lead by The Reverend. The Reverend’s background has crossed through rock, blues, rap, hip-hop, house, and dance genres. From the beginning, he has enraptured heavy metal as a lifestyle of spiritual reverence. Traveling as a missionary through Dubna, Russia in 2010, The Reverend was accidentally exposed to Ununseptium (Uus 117), the super heavy artificial element, the heaviest metal on earth. He has an insatiable desire to bring the heaviest metal to all, leading the charge- culminating in a Metaleptic Fit. Rocking his followers with musical influences of Sepultura, Pantera, Deicide and Black Sabbath, Metaleptic Fit’s lyrics incorporate society issues and awareness of the times in which we live, from a first person point of view.